Welcome to FintechOrama

Fintechorama is a fun way to discover how B2B Fintech can change the world. If “Every company now should think about leveraging financial services” as a16z said, then every business owner needs to explore and learn about fintech.

That’s the goal of this newsletter.

I try to combine strategy, finance, media, marketing and pop culture to inform, inspire, and educate about financial technology. If you’re a fintech founder, user or explorer join this newsletter to go deep into financial and fintech topics, but without the jargon and the boring bits.
I share what I learn and build a fintech educational platform along the way.

About me

Fintechorama is written by me, George Aliferis. I spent over a decade in financial markets across different front office roles in Paris, Singapore and London. Then decided to quit ‘for good’ and started a video production company that worked mainly with lifestyle brands. But the intellectual challenge and a fascination for the rise of fintech brought me back. And here I am, combining my storytelling and financial expertise in video, audio and in this newsletter.

Before all that, I studied business at HEC, Paris and Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, Buenos Aires.

When I’m not creating content for FintechOrama, I produce corporate videos and consult with Β2B fintech start-ups /scale-ups to help them with their content and marketing. I’m also an angel investor in fintech. You can find out more about me on LinkedIn or Twitter, listen to the podcast where I interview fintech executives, or watch our videos on YouTube.