From Open Banking to Open Finance - Matt Cockayne, Yapily



Hey, this is George and you are listening to The Fintech Files. I am joined by Matt Cockayne the Chief Commercial Officer at Yapily.

Yapily’s API makes connecting to banks easy.

Tune in if you want to understand the possibilities offered by open banking and open finance

And if you are a fintech brand builder, Matt has amazing insights on how to build and scale a commercial team in the B2b space.


Transformational, results orientated senior executive offering a proven track record of significant accomplishments in the EMEA Fintech space. Deep expertise in the full sales engagement cycle from lead identification through to successful go-live as a sales and delivery leader.


Yapily enables businesses and consumers around the world to share data and access payment infrastructure.

We connect businesses to thousands of banks through a secure open API. Taking care of the complexity and management of connections, saving businesses time and money.

As the world moves towards an open economy, we exist to power the innovative solutions that will ultimately transform the way we all interact with financial products and services in the near future


Scoring APIs




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