Marketing Digital Propositions to Banks | Eric Fulwiler, CCO - 11:FS


On this episode, I’m talking to Eric Fulwiler, Chief Commercial Officer at 11FS.

👉 Eric’s career from media to fintech

👉 11FS's role in shaping the future of financial services

👉 The 11FS Marketing Playbook

👉 How 11:FS is building a Media for its B2B Financial Services Niche

👉 Advice for B2B Fintech Marketers

About 11fs

11:FS is a challenger consultancy that builds and launches next-generation digital propositions for some of the biggest banks in the world.

They famously believe that digital banking is 1% done and they’ve built a team and solutions to figure out the remaining 99%.

They also the hosts of multiple podcasts such as FinTech Insider, a bi-weekly show about all things FinTech and financial services, or the Fintech Marketing Podcast hosted by Eric.

About Eric

Eric is the global CCO for 11:FS, overseeing commercial activities across the group. He is a veteran of the advertising industry, spending over a decade building some of the biggest brands in the world, including General Electric, PepsiCo, and Mastercard. He is a frequent speaker and thought leader on modern-day marketing, media, and all things growth. Before agency life (and as a side hustle along the way) he’s worked on and advised numerous start-ups. Previous to 11:FS he built out the UK and European business for Gary Vaynerchuk’s VaynerMedia.





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