The Positive Impact of Fintech on Representation and Inclusion | Olivia Minnock - Fintech Alliance


This episode's guest is Olivia Minnock, Editor of Fintech Alliance. We discuss the positive impact that Fintech can have on society. We focus on Financial Inclusion and Representation, while also chatting about the UK Fintech Ecosystem and the role of Fintech Alliance: "Access to financial services is one of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal to make a real impact on society."

👉 The State of Fintech in 2020 in the UK

👉The role of Fintech Alliance

👉The Impact of Finance and Fintech on society

👉Financial Inclusion & Diversity in Finance

👉Broader impact of money and savings solutions


FinTech Alliance is a Government-backed digital ecosystem bringing together the UK FinTech industry. From banks and technology giants to FinTech unicorns and early-stage startups, we aim to support businesses with access to market, talent and capital - throughout the UK and beyond.





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